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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

-Nelson Mandela

The end of the Apartheid should have been a blood bath by any measure or metric. But it wasn’t. Leaders of South Africa decided to achieve lasting peace, they had to try the system, not the people. Their reasoning was this: If the system is corrupt, the people who adhere to the system and are incentivized by the system are not criminals: They are victims. They recognized the only way to bring down the system is to understand it. The only way to know the system is for everyone to share what they know, how they participated and how they were incentivized. We believe we can apply many of these lessons to promoting gender equality. Help us take down patriarchy and introduce a better system by sharing your insights, recruiting the outstanding and contributing to Bearded Feminist.


Reza Houshmand is our chief Bearded Feminist in training. He attributes his unique experiences leading him to join feminism. Growing up with strong female role models in his mom and sister, he understood early on that women are just as, if not more, capable as men. Immigrating to Vancouver, Canada, he was instilled with values of empathy, tolerance & celebration of diversity.

He discovered his passion for social impact as part of the organizing committee of the Uganda Medical Mission. Since, he has a proven track record of ideating and executing systems, aiming to make a positive impact in the community. He hopes the same core values of empathy, integrity and hard work will help Bearded Feminist become a force in the fight towards gender equality.


He is always looking for constructive feedback and conversations. Don’t hesitate to email him at with your thoughts or questions.


This is a no judgment zone. The more honest your answers, the better our chances of creating a better future for our communities.



Who inspires you? Is there someone you know who actively promotes gender equality and stands up to injustice?



Tell us about your own personal experience with toxic masculinity, inequality, consent or self-discovery.




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